Keeping your Customers at the Fore in these Challenging Times 1

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At such a challenging time, it is imperative that we take care of our team members and customers. How you treat your customers and team members in this time of need will live in the mind long after this crisis has passed. Companies and organisations across the globe are leveraging GroHawk to help drive insights from clients during these times of social distancing. The demands of your customers have changed and it’s imperative you reach out to find out how best you can serve them differently. The below products have been crafted to help address the needs of your customers and employees.


We know that for many small businesses and charities, budgets may be tight, which is why our freemium plan will offer the most complete set of Customer Experience tools available.


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GroHawk 360 Feedback


360 Customer Experience is the fastest way to retain and engage your buyers. It means having a truly Customer Centric approach to each interaction with your customers and ensuring feedback is collected and acted upon at each stage.


  • Collect feedback in real time, without delay (via email, SMS, on your website and more)
  • Set who will be notified with each feedback response straight to their device (perfect for remote teams)
  • Identify customers likely to churn and dive into a conversation at the push of a button


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Keeping your Customers at the Fore in these Challenging Times 2
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GroHawk Insights and Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis AI bot allows you to structure quantitative feedback into meaningful insights, allowing you to know instantly how best to help your customers and employees.


  • Quickly identify and understand trends at the fore of your customers an employees’ minds.
  • Capture who is mentioning virus related issues and the extent to which it is being voiced
  • Delve into whether their sentiment around this topic mainly positive or negative in nature and whether it is likely to lead to behaviour change.


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Employee Engagement


As teams move towards remote working it is critical that leaders and organisations work to maintain employee engagement remotely.


  • Gather employee sentiment, mood, opinions and motivations during these personally challenging times
  • Identify areas you can assist employees to help them navigate this crisis
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Keeping your Customers at the Fore in these Challenging Times 3
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Solutions to aid your navigation of COVID-19

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