360 Customer Experience

What is 360 Customer Experience?

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360 Customer Experience is the fastest way to retain and engage your buyers. It means having a truly Customer Centric approach to each interaction with your customers and ensuring feedback is collected and acted upon at each stage.


“360 CX is the quickest way to reduce churn and drive active referrals by acting upon feedback from your existing buyers”

Instead of simply gathering feedback and leaving it parked in an Excel sheet somewhere, 360 CX uses segmentation to categorise each of your buyer experiences and then suggest pathways to either service recover or create brand ambassadors.
Closing the loop of customer feedback is the quickest way to drive engagement and lifetime value. Happy buyers return more often, spend more and spread the word.

How 360 CX Is Changing Your Customers' Expectations

There is a fundamental issue with the way we’ve been taught to deliver customer experiences – it no longer matches what buyers expect day to day.

Think about it – where do you prefer to transact? Where price is the lowest and the product is the best? Or where the customer experience and convenience of transacting is most streamlined? Where you feel valued and are provided personal suggestions?

People love to be treated as individuals. They don’t want to see blanket feedback request which are never acted upon. Yet most businesses are still taking this approach and treating each consumer the same – whether they had a good experience or bad.

Here is how the traditional feedback loop works these days:

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People love to be treated as individuals. They don’t want to see blanket feedback request which are never acted upon. Yet most businesses are still taking this approach and treating each consumer the same – whether they had a good experience or bad. Buyers and customers loathe hate being ignored, take a look at these numbers:

 45% would be angry when ignored by brands
 27% would stop doing business with the company completely
 50% of consumers give a brand only one week to respond to a question before they stop doing business with them
 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience

The CX and feedback process has become cold, impersonal and more disconnected with the hyper-personalisation that consumers expect today.
What’s the fix? We need to make feedback and CX personal again. 
360 CX builds deeper and more authentic relationships with consumers and buyers.

So How Does One Actually Go About Doing 360 CX?

The good news is that 360 CX does not mean you have to throw your current process away and start again! It all starts with the methodology of tailoring your feedback process so it is personal and closes the loop based on specific outcomes and experiences.
It’s almost like adding an extra layer to your process that complements your existing CX process. We’ve condensed this down into a simple Pathway – the 360 Pathway!
The 360 Pathway can be summarised down to 3 steps:

  • Gather
  • Segment
  • Respond
This is the approach to delivering meaningful CX in today’s world.
It’s not a new feedback system. It’s a new way to think about your CX cycle using feedback. 
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Let’s take a closer look…

Step 1:

Gather more feedback with tailored surveys on the channels that matter to your buyers

What happens when you reach out to your buyers with a feedback request on their preferred platform. For most businesses, it means higher response rates, more opportunities to service recover and a more personal approach which highlights that you understand their preferences.
Think about it. If your customer has just purchased through Facebook or Instagram and you are sending them a Survey request via Direct Mail – there is disconnect!

The same applies to time. Reach out at the times that suit your customers, not when suits you. That’s why we have built a sophisticated Feedback platform that allows you to schedule surveys and reminders automatically.

You can’t have somebody sending out feedback requests manually 24/7. So we build clever integrations into your systems which can trigger surveys to go out after specific meaningful interactions defined by you.



Step 2:

Segment your responses into different buckets based on your buyers’ experience

 This is the step that is neglected with feedback processes of today. For the handful of businesses who realised this was a critical step, this qualification can take days of number crunching on Excel spreadsheets leading to a lag in the results getting to the right people. Businesses must respond within 24-48 hours of the initial feedback in order to have the best chance of retaining a disappointed customer.
With 360 CX, algorithms automatically segment feedback as and when it comes in, siphoning it across to the correct departments to handle depending on the results. Algorithms can understand whether customers were thrilled or disappointed with their Customer Experience and more importantly it can identify which areas of your business they are referring to.
This means that when your customer is contacted by your team, they are contacted by somebody who knows their situation and is able to act right away to solve the issue. There is nothing worse than being contacted by a rep and having to repeat everything you’ve already outlined in your feedback survey!

Step 3:

Respond in a timely manner with appropriate next steps

Software and algorithms are great for understanding issues and areas for improvement, but nothing beats human-to-human interaction once it’s time to recover a buyer who is about to churn. That’s why algorithms use intelligent routing to connect your respondents to your recovery team – so your team can focus 100% on service recovery.

With intelligent routing, our algorithms will also make sure happy buyers are directed to become brand ambassadors. In the moment when they have specifically expressed a positive interaction with your brand, we go ahead and nudge them towards sharing your brand with their local networks on social and other review sites. Yup, all in the background!

Actively driving actions based on feedback received is one of the key differences between traditional CX and 360 CX. This personal approached to feedback, which triggers actions based on score received means you come across as understanding the state and mindset of your buyer at any given time.

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4 Key Benefits of 360 Customer Experience

You’ve already heard about some of the positive results companies have been able to achieve through implementing a 360 CX Pathway. Here are the top 4 benefits of using 360 CX to gather and act upon feedback.


1. You create a more personal, human feedback process

With 360 CX, your feedback collection process no longer feels like a generic tick box exercise. It makes your customers feel as if you actually care. They now feel you are asking to listen and make a difference, not just to process feedback because somebody thought it was a smart idea.


2. You increase the engagement with your buyers 

Carrying out a tailored 360 CX process allows you to actually hear what your customers are saying about you and how they feel about particular areas of your business. This allows you to engage on a level which relates to them and tailor your offering to what is being expected. Re-aligning expectations is a sure-fire way to increase buyer loyalty and lifetime value.


3. You will retain more buyers

At GroHawk, we have reduced our churn by over 50% simply by implementing 360 CX. These were likely to churn to a competitor due to trivial issues, but were identified and retained through a personalised feedback approach.


4. You will drive more referrals 

This is the hidden gem. When you have successfully identified your brand ambassadors via 360 CX you will be able to prompt them to share their sentiment with their wider networks. This will lead to driving intimate, active referrals straight into your pipeline – from your existing customers who are actively using your platform.

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