CEM software
Your Guide to the Best CEM Software

Just thinking to care about your customers isn’t enough. You need a CEM software to record & analyse customer sentiment to act accordingly! Customer Experience (CX) has been a hot topic among companies for decades. It is a proven fact that when you provide better customer experience, your customers continue

customer feedback tools
How to Evaluate Customer Feedback Tools & Choose the Right one?

The importance of Customer Insights Customers are the heart of every business. When your products and services provide convenience and ease to your customers, that’s when you should know your business will thrive.  But how to provide that convenience and ease? Well, insights and feedback coming directly from your customers

customer pain points
Understanding Customer Pain Points & Ways to Overcome them

What are customer pain points? Customer pain points are those problems that customers experience during their buyer journey with a brand. Pain points make customer experience less satisfying and pose a high risk of customers churning away. A pain point could be as simple as a long waiting time at

consumer insights
How to choose the right tool to gain Consumer Insights?

A successful business is all about making smarter decisions. But how do business owners make smart decisions?  Your one-line answer is: By using consumer Insights and data analytics. What are Consumer Insights? Consumer insights is a detailed data interpretation of your audiences’ needs and wants. Successful companies heavily rely on

customer loyalty
Ways to Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Ever wondered what’s that one thing that compels your customers to come back to you? With so many options available at a single click, loyal customers are the ones who keep your business thriving.  But what does it take to build loyal customers? Let’s find out! What is Customer Loyalty?

benefits of CSAT
5 Super Benefits of CSAT & Top 5 Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Meeting customer expectations is what every business does. What if you start exceeding customer satisfaction?  CSAT is one of the most simple ways of measuring customer satisfaction level. It has numerous advantages. We’ll uncover all the aspects of customer satisfaction along with the benefits of CSAT. Let’s move on! Importance

Benefits of CES
5 Super Benefits of CES & Top 5 Tips to Reduce Customer Effort

Want to boost up profits? Here’s how a simple customer satisfaction metric can help you garner customer loyalty and get you positive revenues.  We’ll start by breaking up the Customer Experience (aka CX) framework into smaller chunks easier for you to understand and ultimately move on to ascertain the 5

NPS relevant in 2020
Is NPS Relevant in 2020? | Busting Top 3 Illusive Myths

Since its invention in 2003 by Bain & Company, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has consistently been regarded as one of the simplest yet holistic indicators of customer loyalty. But the debate always arises, does it stand the test of time and is NPS relevant in 2020? Why Measure Customer

customer journey map
Customer Journey Maps | Ultimate Guide & 5 Super Tips

Understanding the Customer Journey So – what is a customer journey, and why do we keep hearing this term so often?  A Customer Journey is an entire process which a buyer goes through to achieve a goal with your company. It is the sum of all interactions that a customer

Customer Effort Score
All You Need to Know About Customer Effort Score (CES)

Today’s business landscape revolves around providing exceptional Customer Experience (CX). It’s a critical ingredient for long term sustainable success and a proven way to grow. Of course, perceived CX is objective and difficult to measure. However, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) are

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