customer service channels
7 Customer Service Channels To Improve Your Customer Experience

Customer Service channels have significantly evolved over the past few decades. Today, there are a variety of ways a customer can reach out to companies and have their issues sorted within no time. In business terms, all such ways of customer interaction are known as ‘customer service channels’. Prompt and

Net Promoter System: 8 Steps to manage change and succeed 1
Net Promoter System: 8 Steps to manage change and succeed

The business environment is constantly changing and with that the customer expectations. Established businesses are used to protocols, which have helped them achieve results in the past. They strongly believe in these methodologies and their effectiveness. These may have worked in the past but the winds of change make it

Customer Service and Customer Experience
Customer Service and Customer Experience – What is The Difference?

What keeps a customer coming back to your business? Is it the impeccable customer service or well-crafted customer experience?  Or perhaps, it is a combination of the various customer touchpoints which come together to create a beautiful customer journey?   Confused? let us simplify this! Bob runs a restaurant. 40%

COVID-19: How to Continue Delivering Great Customer Experiences Remotely

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) Outbreak The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been declared a global pandemic. It’s everywhere, and we have to be more cautious than ever! Public places are being shut off, social gatherings called off, and people are avoiding contact with others as much as they can as governments

Laws of Customer Service
The 8 Laws of Exceptional Customer Service

As you well know, having lacklustre customer service is a surefire way to get passed over by the demanding customer of today.  The question then becomes, what actually makes customer service truly memorable? Each experience is different from the next, but there are some ironclad rules of great service that

Your Comprehensive Guide to Customer Satisfaction Metrics (2020) 2
Your Comprehensive Guide to Customer Satisfaction Metrics (2020)

As business owners, we inherently understand that more clients mean more business – it’s simple. Hence, you strive hard to attract new buyers and whilst hoping that you manage to retain existing ones.  You’ve all heard the saying: What gets measured gets managed. Well, using certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),

10 Steps to Create a Great Customer Service Strategy 3
10 Steps to Create a Great Customer Service Strategy

In the last blog piece, we comprehensively covered what customer service strategy is and why it is important for any business. Now the question is how do you start on building a customer service strategy? This can be a new domain for you, even if you happen to own a

Customer Service Strategy
What is a Customer Service Strategy and Why is it Important?

For any business to grow and excel it needs to have an effective customer service strategy. Such a strategy sets the standards of care and service that you will expect to offer to your customers and sets the requirements for meeting desired standards. These standards are not to be missed

what are customer touch points
What are Customer Touch Points?

What are Customer Touch Points? There are many jargon used under the business umbrella that have much deeper meanings than what appears on the outside. One such example is the word “customer touch point” So what are customer touch points? Here’s a detailed overview of the term and its importance.

customer service skills
9 Customer Service Skills to Improve in 2020

According to research conducted by Temkin Group, 77% of customers said that after having a positive experience with a Company, they would recommend said Company to a friend.  Customer service was largely ignored until companies realised it was a critical competitive element to differentiate themselves. A company’s growth can be

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