Let's get back to work.

→ Are our employees comfortable returning?

→ What extra measures should we take to ensure they feel safe returning?

We want to do our little bit by offering these solutions free for all companies.


Understand new employee needs & requirements

Hear the concerns of your employees and find out from them directly what measures they would like you to take on your journey back to work. 

survey your team instantly
implement measures to increase their confidence to return

Do employees feel comfortable that no fellow team members or customers are breaching distancing rules?

Learn whether employees noticed and understand any signage or new instructions in the workplace clearly.

Were employees happy with the level of hygiene carried out. Did they feel their work stations were appropriately decontaminated?

Do employees feel comfortable with measures, including frequency of staff/customers washing hands and hygiene station availability for them to decontaminate also?

Take advantage of our free pre-built templates and take a pulse check of your employees right away

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