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Demo Request - Experience GroHawk in the flesh! 1

“On the very rare occasion of a negative response, which we may not otherwise hear about,  we have an opportunity to make contact and put things right. It’s a win- win!”

Joanna Halliday
Bennett & Batty Opticians


Demo Request - Experience GroHawk in the flesh! 2

“We have been using GroHawk as a means of measuring customer engagement and satisfaction  for almost 12 months now. During this time we have gained valuable insights into our business through a quick scoring system!”

Nichola Mason
Adlam & Coomber Optometrists


Demo Request - Experience GroHawk in the flesh! 3

Since we started using GroHawk, our patient feedback data has been completely transformed. We are now able to run continuous weekly surveys that allow us to monitor and act on feedback faster and more efficiently than ever before, as opposed to our previous quarterly in-house printed surveys. With GroHawk, we are also able to prompt our patients to leave reviews which helps others to recognise the work we do and to choose our services. The icing on the cake is the support team at GroHawk. Whatever the issue, whatever the time, they have always helped us with every query.

Tom Wilcox 
Head of Marketing – Physiofusion


Demo Request - Experience GroHawk in the flesh! 4

GroHawk has revolutionised my business in a matter of weeks! It’s simple and easy to use.  Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of my business, it gives me the information I need to develop and still fulfil my patients’ expectations in all areas of practice. I would highly recommend GroHawk to any business looking to engage their clients further.

Mark Lomax
Lomax Podiatry