Unveil the Intentions, Hesitations and Motivation of the Visitors Using White Label Survey


GroHawk makes feedback collection easy using custom survey URLs.

Embed online surveys on your website and track their feedback in real-time. All you need to do is set the right questions and get survey results instantly.

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Website 1

Collect, Analyze and Improve Your Brand

With GroHawk’ White Label Survey you can goldmine insights about people’s attitude towards your brand.

GroHawk is the only online survey tool that uses AI Smart Algorithms coupled with the NPS tactic to bring you data driven decisions.

Drive them to a custom URL and learn what you need to.

Benefits of Using White Label Survey

Industry Tailored Surveys

GroHawk comes preloaded with survey questions tailored specifically for your industry by leading retail professionals.

Customisable Surveys

Add to core surveys with your own business specific questions which allow you to capture feedback on any aspect of your offering.

Flexible Reporting and Analytics

Multiple report types can be generated in the system for accurate analysis and better understanding of your customer behavior.

Instant Alert via E-mail and SMS

Our system will automatically send an automated email and SMS to designated members of the management team whenever a significant action occurs.

Encryption and Backup Surveys

All client data stored on our system is fully encrypted to protect client confidentiality. All data is backed up routinely on secure servers for peace of mind when using the platform.

Seamless Social Media Integration

GroHawk is paired with all major social media networks allowing clients to amplify their positive experiences at the press of a button, when it matters most.

Why choose GroHawk as Your White Label Survey Tool?

Not to forget website surveys can be really handy for you and you can reach a wide range of audiences. Keeping that in mind, you need to have a survey software that gets you real-time feedback from your recipients.

With GroHawk you can

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Communicate Directly with Your Clients

We know it can become very difficult for management to connect with their clients. GroHawk will bring you closer to your customers, allowing you to hear firsthand what your clients have to say about you.

Detect Hidden Issues

GroHawk increases retention rates by identifying hidden issues in your ordering. Certain issues can be tricky to detect with traditional feedback methods and can lead to rapid decreases in retention rates if not handled.

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Opportunity to Engender Loyalty

Implementing a system which provides your clients with a true voice shows them that you really care about their feedback and what they have to say. Such recognition allows them to build rapport and a deeper relationship with your business, in turn, driving loyalty.

Reputation Management

Timely feedback that leads to better customer services allows your brand to keep a positive image in the market. The constant evolution of product and services gives your brand a better reputation in the eyes of the customers.

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Connect with Your Clients when it matters and how they want it

Using GroHawk allows you to capture client sentiment when it matters – immediately after their transaction with your business and by the means they prefer. This ensures any feedback left is accurate as of the customer experience received. This allows the business to act and rectify the situation in a timely manner (in the case of negative feedback) or go in and request a referral or testimonial in the case of positive feedback.

Automatically Funnel Positive Sentiments to Review Sites

GroHawk allows you to automatically funnel positive sentiments through to all major directory and review sites. GroHawk’s unique widget allows you to seamlessly publish these comments onto your business website also.

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In-between Relationship Management

Our tailored built email automation systems ensure we keep you at the forefront of your client’s mind inbetween visits. Our email campaigns are architectured by leading retail psychologists ensuring each correspondence has maximum impact.

Flexible Reporting Anytime Anywhere

Just as you would expect to monitor your business’ financial reporting, our flexible reporting system enables you to report on your clients’ sentiments how and when you want to.

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Our audit log enables you to keep track of all responses left and actions taken by your staff members, allowing you to keep track of all responses and ensure they are being handled appropriately.