What the Companies with High NPS Have in Common

What makes the World’s Leading NPS Companies exactly that? How do they measure NPS, what do they do to improve their score?

Apple, Amazon, Netflix – we’re all familiar with them, but why? Well, there’s not really much dispute, its simply because they’re the best around. When experts and marketers alike talk about good customer experience it just doesn’t get any better than the big three I’ve just mentioned. Even though all of them offer different services, there are massive similarities which have caused them to be the superstars they are today and, as business owners or general enthusiasts, there is a lot we can learn from them.

To put things into measurable terms, the one major thing these companies have in common is that they all have significantly high NPS scores which outperform all others in their respective industries. But how did this come about? Why do people love using them so much and why do the same people keep returning again and again?

Well, without further ado, let’s find out!

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A Seamless Experience

A unique experience would be an appropriate way to describe it, but personally I think seamless is even more so. The way these companies shape their customer experience just makes it so easy and self-intuitive for you to make a purchase. It feels natural. When you go into one of the Apple stores all the products are there waiting for you to try out. When you log into your Netflix account, you can instantly pick up from last night’s Breaking Bad binge. You can even order toilet roll off Amazon with the touch of a button! What more could you ask for?

All in all, the ‘big three’ make it all feel natural to you. So natural in fact, that you don’t even think about using another company – you don’t need to. They are the masters of making customers loyal, but how can we do the same? How can we make our customer experience more seamless? Faster payment options? 24-hour customer service? Have a think!

Simple, Reliable and Always Improving

Like the old saying goes ‘there’s beauty in simplicity’ and the reason why these companies experience such high NPS scores is because of their simple and reliable service. Let’s take Amazon for example, the ordering process has been made so easy over recent years that users come back because they can’t find that level of simplicity anywhere else. For Apple, they turn what is a very complex device into one that even the most uneducated in technology can use.

What’s more than that, is the pure reliability that all these companies offer. I don’t ever remember a time where I’ve placed an order on Amazon and it hasn’t arrived on time, even with next day delivery. What this does is it makes customers loyal, it makes them trust the service and that they will deliver each and every time.

In order to be the best though, it takes more than just simplicity and reliability, it takes a process of continuous improvement and a mind-set of always trying to be better. Amazon, Apple, Netflix even companies like Tesla and Starbucks rank high on the NPS scale because they never take a back seat – they’re always listening to their customers and finding out how they can be better. They’re also the first to innovate and their ability to do this comes straight from the source – their customers.

It doesn’t take thousands and thousands in R&D investment or A/B testing for us to do the same, all we need is to listen to what our customers are saying.

Unique Products, Unique Services, Unique Experience

By now you may have picked up on something regarding all three companies we have been talking about, they all have an extremely loyal customer base. But why? When you think about it, Apple doesn’t make the cheapest smartphones or tablets, Netflix isn’t the cheapest streaming service around and Amazon isn’t the cheapest platform to find the products you need. Yet, people still use them time and time again.

It’s because they offer something truly unique. They offer an experience which people go away and tell their friends about and that’s the secret to how they have the highest satisfaction and NPS scores in the world. It’s also one of the reasons why they are the global leaders in their markets. If you want to be same for your industry, it’s time to start thinking about how you can offer something different and how you can encourage your customers to go away and talk to their friends about you.

They’ve got the Measuring Stick out!

Do you think Apple, Amazon and Netflix all of a sudden stumbled upon their high NPS scores? Nope! They’ve worked meticulously to get their scores to where they are today by constantly measuring, reviewing and improving, and you can do the same!

All major companies who place the customer at the fore front of their innovations, and this is looking past the big three, all measure their NPS regularly. Whether that be under their own terms or using software that makes it easy for them.

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