How IOT will Revolutionise Customer Experience 1
How IOT will Revolutionise Customer Experience

The Internet of Things! You’re hearing it pop up everywhere. But how exactly will if affect the Customer Experience you deliver for your customers? You may have seen and heard the curious term ‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT) emerging quite a bit over the past few years and it’s no

4 Simple Factors to Grow Your Audience 2
4 Simple Factors to Grow Your Audience

You’re trying to grow your audience and community to expose more people to your great products and services – here are our 4 key factors to achieving success! We all want to transform our reputation to achieve that ‘wow’ factor for our brand but many of us are still getting

5 Tips to Encourage Customer Feedback Without Annoying Them

You know the importance of gathering feedback but are concerned about annoying your customers. Fair point. Here are our 5 key tips for how to ask for feedback without being too forceful! Feedback is an invaluable tool for helping your customers maximise their experience with you. However, if deploy your

5 Fool-Proof Methods to Bulk Up Your Email List 3
5 Fool-Proof Methods to Bulk Up Your Email List

You want to bulk up your email list but not quite sure how? Here are our 5 fool-proof methods to get you on your way! The internet is all around us, so it’s no wonder it’s become one of the core methods of communication between people and businesses alike. Despite

4 Ways to Deal with a Tricky Customer

Tricky customers are challenging to deal with. If handled well, the relationship between you and the customer not only gets better but you can also open doors to opportunities in the future with them. The rules remain the same for each customer; NEVER argue, interrupt or jump to a solution quickly without focusing on

How customer feedback can become a marketing channel for your business…

The good, the bad, the ugly; we’ve seen it all when scouring the net to compare reviews for a product or service we’re unsure about investing in. So, it’s no surprise that businesses are keen to up their feedback game. However, feedback isn’t just useful for self-improvement, it’s an incredibly

Why having a Referral Program is a Gold Mine for your Business

In today’s digital era, where time is mercilessly passing by without waiting for anyone or anything, how is a customer going to find the time to sit down and search for a business that will provide them with exceptional customer service, offering the right products and catering to the needs as

wow moment
4 Ways to Create that WOW Moment for Your Customers

Creating WOW moments is at the heart of delivering unrivalled customer experiences in 2020. But what are WOW moments? How do we deliver them and why should they be delivered?  Here, we tackle all those questions and more. Let’s get straight into it. What are WOW Moments? Everybody loves to

reduce churn
Reduce Churn and Create Raving Fans with 3 Super Tips!

What is Churn Rate? In business terms, churn refers to the customers who do not do repeat business with you. In simple terms, it means the loss of customers. When customers churn, it means they stop doing business with you. Most likely, it happens when you fail to meet customer

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