Why keeping your team motivated is critical to delivering memorable customer experiences!

When it comes to delivering memorable customer experiences, it all comes down to the people within your business.

To continuously deliver a wow customer experience your whole team must be engaged in making a positive impact on every single customer.

The good news is that if your team is motivated, delivering customers an excellent experience will happen naturally. It turns out, that the more invested you are –as a business manager- in your employees, the more invested they’ll be on working hard to show your business’ best face to your joint customers. If your team believe in your vision and purpose behind why you work so hard to serve your customers, they will be more willing to go above and beyond to make that a reality.

If on the other hand your colleagues are turning up to work just to pay the bills, this too will come across in the experience they end up delivering. Don’t be surprised when they turn a customer away or don’t answer the phone or live chat when their shift is over!

The key to building a truly customer-centric team is to develop a method to help your team internalise your vision. Ensure they understand exactly why your company exists and what you aim to deliver for your customers and why that is important.

The key to building a truly customer-centric team is to develop a method to help your team internalise your vision. Ensure they understand exactly why your company exists and what you aim to deliver for your customers and why that is important.

Here are 5 easy ways to ensure your team are engaged:


A system that rewards efforts that go above and beyond make your team strive to be better and do more. Whether a financial bonus, a simple thanks, or developing a program that gives the most customer-attentive team member recognition.

Growth opportunities

Another way to build employee loyalty to your business is to allow your team to progress and grow with your organisation. Of course, everyone is different so it’s important that you know first what their goals are before showing them a growth path.

When your team members value their job so much that they want to stay long term, they’ll represent your brand as best as possible. They will be willing to go above and beyond their contracted obligations, because they’ll understand that your business growth means their growth too.


If every goal achieved by your team is celebrated, they’ll take pride in being a part of the company’s success.

For example, when customer service reps manage a difficult situation successfully it is very important they are congratulated and see how their work positively impacts the company. That will become a powerful motivation to keep doing their best work.


Who is better than you as a leader or manager to provide inspiration? If your team sees you solving the customer’s issues effectively, with a positive attitude they’ll have a solid example to follow. It’s like saying “That’s how things are done around here”. They’ll see every customer deserves top-class quality attention and that your company will not settle for any less.


If your team is sufficiently motivated and encouraged to keep up to date with your industry trends and latest news, they will instantly add more value to the company.

Everyone likes to feel that their voice is heard. If your employees know you take their suggestions into account they’ll be actively looking for ways to share new ideas that they notice on the front line can improve the customer experience.

Ultimately, if you’re aiming to deliver a superior customer experience to any of your competitors – it starts with your team.

Ensure they are rewarded, recognised and growing. But most importantly ensure they understand and believe in your mission.

Help them understand why they are playing the position they are and why it is so important for the end goal that they do so. Only if your team are super engaged can you expect them to pass this contagious positive energy to your customers.

If your employees are raving fans of your business they’ll ensure your customers are too.

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How to motivate your team?

Offer rewards, celebrate their achievements, be a role model yourself and instil in them the idea that the company’s growth ultimately means their growth as well.

What type of rewards to give to your team?

Some of the best types of rewards are a financial bonus, a team day-out, giving recognition with a certificate/award in the presence of others, and job promotion.

Why is team motivation crucial to CX?

When your team is motivated, they will perform their best to give the customers an excellent service. Personalisation and catering to each customer’s need differently is crucial in providing an outstanding customer experience. If the team is not motivated, they will treat all customers casually, not caring about CX at all.

What is eNPS?

eNPS stands for employee Net Promoter Score. It tells you how many employees would recommend you to their friends and family. If the score is greater than zero, it means your employees are happy working with you and trust your products and services. In return, they would refer your company to others. On the other hand, the majority of your employees are dissatisfied when you get a score of less than zero.

How is customer interaction dependent on a motivated team?

Customer interaction is when customers interact with one of your team members directly through a phone call, email or in-person. If your team is motivated, they will do everything it takes to make customers happy and turning them into loyal customers for life. However, if the unit is not motivated, they will not care to provide an outstanding service that can result in your customer turning its back to you. 

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