Why positive online reviews are worth their weight in gold! 1

Not driving enough positive online reviews? Here is why this is an absolute must for your business.

In today’s digital market, positive online reviews for a business are like currency.

The more online reviews you receive which rant and rave about your business, the more visible your business becomes and the more trust you build up for people to use your services. It’s that simple!

Let’s consider a the following scenario to highlight what we mean…

A brand new restaurant opens up in town. It’s so new that none of your friends have heard about it. You take a look at the menu and it all sounds good but the prices aren’t necessarily cheap enough for you to go and take a punt on them. You’re going to need a gentle push to help you make your decision.

First you try and do a Google search for reviews in your local paper. Nope, it’s so new that no one has had a chance to leave one yet. There are however, a few reviews on Trip Advisor, a few on Facebook and a few more on Google. Altogether it adds up to about 15 reviews and each one is nothing short of gleaming.

This info is all you need to know. You book a table, grab your significant other and have a fantastic meal. The End.

Without being patronising, the message in this scenario should be pretty clear. How can anyone be expected to use your business without really getting a sense of whether you can truly deliver what you’re offering? Online reviews give clarity and confidence to potential customers.

There’s also a little hidden bit of info in this scenario too. Remember how you did a Google search for the restaurant? If it’s so new, why did it show up right away in your search? Those gleaming five star reviews meant that Google was able to give the website authority meaning that it ranked high in the search results despite it not having had long to rank at all.

An online review gives exposure and consumer confidence, and each one has the power to convert a potential lead. What’s more, they’re entirely free. What more can a business ask for?

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